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Crystal River is Home of The Manatee

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Find Out How You Can Swim with a Manatee in Crystal River FL
The West Indian Manatee makes the 72 degree spring fed waters of the Crystal River area their home. There are approximately 2,600 of these docile animals in the U.S. Manatees are facing extinction as a result of human  encroachment. The largest and only increasing herd of manatees in the United States makes its winter home right here in Crystal River.

Crystal River Florida .net suggest to all residents and visitors to set aside some time and go visit the Manatees. The manatee experience lasts a lifetime and the manatees would love to meet you! Manatee Tours in Crystal River Florida are the Greatest !!!

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Visit the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Florida Marine Research Institute. This State agency is the Vanguard for protecting the manatee and informing the public about the manatees plight. Click the logo below to learn more.

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