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Crystal River City Hall

Crystal River City Hall is located at 123 NW Highway 19. It is approximately 1 1/2 blocks north of Citrus Avenue (SR 495) and approximately 1/2 mile north of SR 44. The telephone number is (352) 795-4216, Fax number is (352) 795-6351.

Philip G. Lilly is the City Manager.The City Manager serves as the chief administrative officer of the City and is charged with oversight and administration of all City personnel and operations.

Ronald Kitchen, Jr., is the mayor of the City of Crystal River. He was elected Mayor of Crystal River in 2000.

City Council meetings are held the second and fourth Monday of the month, at 7:00 p.m. Meetings are held in the Meeting Room at City Hall, 123 NW Highway 19, Crystal River.

Public participation is welcome at all city counsel meetings. All persons desiring to address the City Council will be asked to limit their comments to the specific subject being discussed. There is a time limit of five (5) minutes for all persons speaking to make their request/presentation.

Crystal River is a Council-Manager form of local government. Elections are held every year. City Council is comprised of five members and a Mayor who serve two year staggered terms. Three positions are up for election every year. Elections are held the second Tuesday of December with qualifying held the fourth week in October.

The City has several boards comprised of volunteers. These include the Zoning Board of Adjustments and Appeals; Parks, Planning and Zoning Commission; Community Redevelopment Agency; and Code Enforcement Board. Occasionally a special task force is formed to assist the Council in investigating alternative ways of providing services to the residents of the city. Contact us at City Hall to get involved.

Job openings are advertised in the local newspaper, the Citrus County Chronicle, whenever positions are available. Applications are reviewed by the Department Head, selections are made and interviews are arranged. Our City is a drug free workplace.

The eight funds which make up our City budget totals $10,907,598. The General Fund, our largest fund, is budgeted at $5,459,233. Other funds are the Water/Sewer Fund $4,030,488; Capital Improvement Fund $690,359; Sanitation Fund $657,456; Community Redevelopment Fund $53,422; Public Safety Fund $8,844; Confiscation Fund $4,581; and Police Second Dollar Fund $3,215.

The City includes the following Departments and services:

ADMINISTRATION - Services provided are those of City Clerk, Council Support, agenda preparation, customer service, rezoning applications, permit applications, occupational licensing, commercial site plan review and strategic planning.

FINANCE - Responsible for payroll, purchasing, utility billing, insurance, personnel functions, and overall City budgeting and fiscal affairs.

PUBLIC WORKS - Provides garbage collection, parks and recreation maintenance and scheduling, roads and streets repairs, cemetery maintenance, facility and vehicle maintenance, and City grounds maintenance. Water and Sewer service maintenance is provided by private contractor with Public Works oversight.

POLICE - Provide emergency and routine crime prevention services. These include investigation of offenses and complaints, traffic control, citizen and business assistance and administration.

FIRE - Responsible for fire suppression, training volunteers, search and rescue operations, coordinating fire inspections and disaster mitigation.

Any person or company that operates a business in the City of Crystal River is required to obtain an occupational license before they may conduct business in the City. Occupational licenses may be obtained at City Hall in the Building & Zoning Division. The fees range from $50 to $200, with the $50 fee being the most common. Occupational licenses can generally be obtained the same day application is made. Occupational licenses must be renewed yearly.

Applications for building permits are obtained at City Hall in the Building & Zoning Division. The Building Official reviews the applications and issues a building permit for most residential applications.